10 Twitter Accounts That’ll Make You a Better Business Owner

If you know who to follow, you can learn a lot from a simple tweet.

When you follow the right people on Twitter, your stream will become less food pics and political rants and more educational tweets and implementable advice that is actually worthy of your time.

Whether it’s a motivational quote, a quick tip, or a link to a helpful blog post, there’s a wealth of free advice waiting for you on Twitter — you just have to know who to follow.

Here are 10 accounts to follow that’ll turn your Twitter stream into a wise-yet-succinct teacher who spouts wisdom in 140 characters or less.

1. @SBAgov — Follow the official account of the Small Business Administration for everything from advice on the health care law to tips for writing effective business plans.

2. @SmallBizLady — Named the #1 most influential woman for entrepreneurs by Forbes, Melinda Emerson shares tons of great tips on startups, reinventing your small business, and social media.

3. @Copyblogger — If you want to improve your social media posts, email marketing, blog posts, or even just your daily written communications, follow this account for great writing tips, as well as content marketing advice.
twitter 2

A tweet from Grammar Girl.

4. @GrammarGirl — With tweets like, “17 words you are mispronouncing,” and “How one typo destroyed a 124-year old company,” you’ll find this account indispensable to you professionally and personally. And the best part? Every tip is explained in clear, incredibly easy-to-understand language.

5. @GeneMarks — Follow CPA and business owner, Gene Marks, for accounting and finance tips that will help you become a savvier business owner.

6. @WordoftheDay — Ready to step up that vocab? By following this account, you will literally learn a new word each day via tweet, followed by its definition. (It greatly pleases me there are never any links to click either. All the info you need is presented in 140 characters or less.)
twitter 3

A tweet from Growth Hackers.

7. @GrowthHackers — This account offers valuable information, tips, and news on a variety of topics, including startups, all aspects of marketing, and business growth.

8. @SocialMouths — For awesome social media and marketing advice, follow Francisco Rosales, the creator of the popular blog, SocialMouths. With tweets like, “3 Marketing ideas you can steal from Bruce Lee,” you’ll get advice that’s entertaining to read while helping you grow your small business.

9. @LifeProTips — For advice on everything from how to get better at public speaking to how to get your federal taxes done for free, follow this helpful account.

10. @SocialMediaDIY — Want to get better at social media? Follow this account, run by social media expert Charlene Kingston, for tips that range from how to take better Facebook photos to how to get more local customers using Twitter.